When working with Zenith Safety Consultants, we will assist you in identifying hazards correctly and fully, including the measures needed in reducing the risks.


Incident and Accident Investigation

Accidents occur. They do not, however, need to be repeated. Our technical and clinical professionals at Zenith Safety Consultants collaborate with you to figure out what went wrong and why.


Health and Safety Management System

A thorough, proactive Health and Safety Management system is one of the most effective approaches to preventing workplace dangers and injuries


Zenith Safety Consultants Services

We help you by identifying and eliminating workplace dangers before they cause injury or illness!
Health & Safety Management Systems
Implementing health and safety management systems has several advantages...
Health & Safety Consulting
Our health and safety consulting services are one-of-a-kind in the industry
Health & Safety Files
Zenith Safety Consultants offers a fully tailored site-specific Safety File according to the client's site safety requirements.
Audits and Monitoring
The Safety audits offered by Zenith Safety Consultants are designed to help you and your company through the most recent developments in best practices.

Welcome to Zenith Safety Consultants

Zenith Safety Consultants is a Health & Safety consultant firm in Cape Town, South Africa, that offers innovative, practical, professional, cost-effective, and achievable safety solutions to a range of industries, from small businesses to large corporates. Our focus on customer service and practical solutions have made us the preferred service provider for many businesses in South Africa. Our detail-orientated approach ensures that each client receives a customized solution that meets their specific needs. Our Skilled safety Professionals aim to provide businesses with all the necessary tools and support needed to maintain a safe workplace. 

Zenith Safety Consultants Blog

Zenith Safety Consultants provides the most recent and relevant information on professional and occupational safety procedures. This workplace safety blog discusses a variety of precautions that must be taken to ensure workplace safety and security. Aside from workplace safety, the site features intriguing articles on risk management, safety management techniques, and safety trends, as well as leadership strategies that help the safety culture expand and is updated weekly.

Health and Safety Induction Training

Induction training will be required for new employees to understand how to conduct their tasks effectively and without jeopardizing their health and safety. However, while determining the appropriate degree of knowledge, education, and training, a proportionate approach must be used.

An induction to health and safety is aimed to establish standards, raise awareness of dangers, and explain how health and safety is maintained, as well as employee responsibilities. If an employee's job entails certain risks, the health and safety induction provides an opportunity to teach them how to operate safely.