Zenit Safety Safety induction trainingHealth and Safety Induction Training

Zenith Safety Consultants give health and safety induction training to new staff as they will need to go through induction training to learn how to do their jobs properly and without putting their health and safety in danger. When establishing the level of knowledge, education, and training required, however, a proportionate approach must be followed.

For example, low-risk enterprises will not require as much technical training as high-risk industries like mining or construction.
A health and safety induction is designed to establish standards, raise awareness of threats, and explain how health and safety are managed, as well as the responsibility of employees. If an employee's work involves specific dangers, the health and safety induction provides an opportunity to instil safe working practices.

The nature of the business, as well as the dangers that are there, will dictate the substance of the induction.

However, the following are some common elements in the Safety Induction Training:

- We're discussing health and safety policies.
- Explaining the employee's responsibilities.
- Have employees complete an occupational health and wellness questionnaire during the induction.
- Employees' individual hazards are highlighted.
- Providing training that is specific to the employee's job and responsibilities.
- The accident reporting and recording processes are explained.
- A demonstration of the emergency plans.

Zenith Health and safety Consultants offers a range of training programs tailored to your specific needs.
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