Zenit Safety asbestosAsbestos Safety Services

Despite the well-known dangers of working with asbestos, around 2 million tons are used annually. Many governments protect its residents by enforcing strict rules about its use, removal, and disposal.

Zenith Safety Consultants, based in Cape Town, South Africa, assists real estate owners, industry professionals, the installation industry, and the maritime sector in identifying asbestos and defining the appropriate reaction to ensure stakeholder safety and regulatory compliance.

Our comprehensive range of asbestos services includes:

  • Following asbestos remediation, our analysts will conduct a final examination to evaluate if the remediation was completed properly and if the space is safe to occupy.
  • Asbestos awareness training.
  • Project management assistance for clients undergoing difficult asbestos removal and demolition projects.

    In addition to its inspection and training services, Zenith Safety Consultants promotes asbestos safety practices and can assist businesses and people with the often confusing and contradictory asbestos legislation.

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