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Zenith Safety Consultants are independent health and safety consultants firm in Cape Town, South Africa, that specializes in Risk Management. We offer a variety of health and safety consulting services in and around the Western Cape to assist firms in implementing best practices for health and safety management. Health and Safety Consulting, health and safety training, auditing, risk assessment, guidance on maintaining the highest levels of health and safety, support on legislation compliance, and expert reports to guide your organization through any changes required are just some of the services available. We offer our clients one-of-a-kind health and safety consulting service that includes planning and management arrangements, as well as real and valued outcomes as part of an overall risk management strategy.

Zenith Safety team is disciplined and devoted, allowing us to give only the best services to our clients while also establishing fantastic working connections. Our clients know that we take pleasure in our service delivery and will always give excellent solutions for their specific needs in terms of maintaining a safe, healthy, and legally compliant workplace. All of our projects, large and small, are managed in a collaborative effort with clients with the goal of delivering high-quality, cost-effective results.

Our health and safety consulting services are unparallel in the industry, providing a comprehensive degree of protection and continuous compliance for your organization, as well as ongoing training for your owners, directors, managers, and employees. Our health and safety experts will get to know your company and provide you with the necessary protection, compliance, and training required by HSE standards.