About  Zenith Safety Consultants

Zenith Safety Consultants is a Health & Safety consultancy firm that offers innovative, practical, professional, cost-effective, and achievable safety solutions to a range of industries, from small businesses to large corporates. Our focus on customer service and practical solutions have made us the preferred service provider for many businesses in South Africa. Our detail-orientated approach ensures that each client receives a customized solution that meets their specific needs. Our Skilled safety Professionals aim to provide businesses with all the necessary tools and support needed to maintain a safe workplace.

Skilled Safety Professionals

Our Safety consultants, which are all SACPCMP Registered, are experts in their respected fields, having obtained certifications in various courses and holding registrations from professional bodies including SACPCMP and other credentials.

Health & Safety Integration

Zenith Safety Consultants believe that Health & Safety improves productivity and quality and should be seen as an integral link to a business. When a business is safe it frees up employees to focus on their quality and productivity thus providing a better end result. We incorporate Health & Safety into businesses with a practical, achievable approach without heaps of administration.

Timely Response

Our Safety Consultants pride themselves on their approach of providing solutions to our clients with an above-industry standard timeline. Assisting our clients in achieving deadlines and short notice requirements.