Zenit Safety hazzard identification and risk assesmentHazard Identification and Risk assessment services

When working with Zenith Safety Consultants, we will assist you in identifying hazards correctly and fully, including the measures needed in reducing the risks.

Here’s how our Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment works:

  • A preliminary legal risk assessment
    We identify the health and safety risks that could land you in legal trouble.

  • Practical mitigation measures provided
    We provide practical guidance on how to reduce risk and fulfil your legal responsibilities to ensure you are legally compliant.

  • Employee happiness has improved
    Workers who are safe, are more productive. Your risk assessment will include recommendations for lowering the risk of work-related illness and increasing productivity.

  • A strategy for growth
    We create an action plan for you to improve your health and safety while growing your business.

Hazards, unfortunately, do not vanish suddenly. New hazards must be considered as industries change in response to global demand and new technologies. That is why we provide risk assessment guidance to help improve Health & Safety and reduce incidents.